The Mordonians were a confederation of tribes nestled safely away from the warring empires. They survived the Twin Cataclysms by fleeing east over the Iluyan Mountains, taking the was as a sign from their gods to continue migrating far to the east. They were the first to enter the lands now known as Avernos.

The Founding of Toran

For more than two centuries, they battled with the Kooluk refugees for conquest of Avernos. Eventually, a small faction of Mordonian tribes made peace with the Kooluk nearly 250 years after the Twin Cataclysms. Kooluk houses joined with tribes from Mordos and pledged themselves to the mutual protection and dominion of western Avernos. Of all the kingdoms formed during those tumultuous days, only Toran remains.

Falena: The Great Kingdom

Eventually, far in the east, the greatest Mordonian tribe – the Falenians – conquered the indigenous people and migrants alike.  They eventually conquered the entirety of eastern Avernos and crowned their leader the Overking, naming their territory Falena, The Great Kingdom.