Nimbus (Silver Dragon Wyrmling)
  • Race: Dragon (Silver)
  • Class: --
  • Age: Wyrmling
  • Height: ??
  • Weight: ??
  • Hair: --
  • Eyes: ??
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Deity: Bahamut


Nimbus is a silver dragon wyrmling. Meepo found her when she was still an egg and protected her until she hatched. He had intended to run away with Nimbus to travel the world, but they were instead enslaved by Chief Ixen and her tribe in order to be used as a weapon against the goblins.

Until recently, Nimbus was still in Meepo's care, though they under close watch by Chief Ixen. However, the goblins just raided the kobold territory and stole the wyrmling to keep for their own.



Currently unknown. Last seen being dragged away by a party of goblin raiders.

First Update

With the aid of Meepo, the heroes found Nimbus in a chamber located deep in the goblin territory of the Scorched Shrine. She had broken free of her chains and frozen her captors, but was unable to escape the room in which she was trapped.

Meepo and Nimbus had a joyous reunion, and she rewarded her rescuers by giving them the small hoard she had built out of the shiny objects in her room.

Nimbus and Meepo are currently waiting in a safe area of the Shrine while the heroes press forward in their search for Bedros and the missing adventurers.