This is where you can find information on everything we encounter during our adventures on the world of Filgaea. People, places, things... They will all be detailed here.

All of these pages will also be linked to their corresponding entries in our Adventure Log, which can be found at:

Player Characters (PCs)

Background and biography information you came up with for your characters will be found here, along with detailed descriptions of them and pictures as provided. Entries will also be added along the way to keep the information updated with things that have been happening to them in the world as we progress.


  • Gayle's Wood Elf RangerGo to MoonFlower
  • Maureen's High Elf RogueGo to Keth'Aera
  • Kim's Spellscale SorceressGo to Tsarissa
  • Anton's Half-Orc BarbarianGo to Rolf
  • Gwen's Rock Gnome Eldritch DiscipleGo to Zixxywix Copperbolt
  • AJ's Deathtouched Elf Templar of the SunGo to Lady Zahara



Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Can't remember the name of the Mayor from the first town we visited? Think you might have encountered a villain before, but aren't sure? All of this info can be found on the corresponding pages for the NPCs in our adventures.


Planets, continents, kingdoms, dungeons, villages... Every place that we visit during our travels will have an info page in this wiki.


Obviously, not every single item in our world can be indexed here. That would be nearly impossible. But any magical or historical items and artifacts of significance will be given an info page with any history that was learned, or special circumstances for which it was used.